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What does your money self-talk sound like?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The voice on loop in your head is like Tinker Bell:

🧚🏽 Loves your attention

🧚🏽 Lives for extremes

🧚🏽 Is real as long as you believe in it

Good news! That voice is equally as capable of positive self-talk as it is of negative self-talk. Find a positive money story that feels right for you and play it on repeat 💿

Here are some drafts to get your creative juices flowing:

💪 I am good at money.

💪 I am getting better at managing my money everyday.

💪 I am taking meaningful steps to fully understand the ins-and-outs of my finances.

Y’all, I’m just getting started with these @bunnymichael inspired memes. AND I am almost ready to tell you about the program I’ve got in the works for wellness-oriented young professionals who are ready to increase their net worth.

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