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The way you feel about money is a social justice issue.

Our collective consciousness creates the society around us. The sooner we heal our own relationships with money, the sooner we can see our society’s money wounds with clarity and work to heal them. This might look like: 👑 Choosing the framework that money is empowering, not disempowering 😈 Channeling your anger at Jeff Bezos toward the fulfillment of your own financial goals 🥅 Having your own financial goals ⚖️ Embodying the truth that money is not evil—it is a resource that can be used for good 🧑‍⚖️ Trusting yourself with money 🥳 Cheering on your friends when they have financial wins 🙌 Cheering on yourself when you financial wins 👜 Spending intentionally according to your values 🌳 Taking full and loving responsibility for your financial life—past, present, and future 💥 Reminding yourself that if you are tired of greedy people having all the money, you have to hold a vision for good people to have a lot more money than they have right now (including yourself). You have to want money, amass money, be friends with money, and wield money how you want it to be used in your life and in the world! Yes, YOU! And that starts with removing the emotional blocks in your way.

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