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“Semihonest” perfectly describes my relationship with money before I started tracking my income & expenses.

I was full of guesses, scared to make any big decisions about money (or life) because I had no idea what I could afford, what I needed to earn, or what was financially sustainable for me.

I felt like money was entering my bank account, then leaving my bank account and I had no agency in the whole ordeal.

But then I started tracking. What began as a simple mindfulness practice 5 years ago is the biggest reason that today I feel fully empowered to make clear and confident money moves based on honest data about my actual life.

If money is something you want to be intentional about, getting clear on your cash flow is an empowering first step.

I want to help make that as simple as possible for you! At the Cash Flow Clarity workshop, I am going to GIVE you the customizable tool I have used all these years to stay clear, honest, and creative in my money matters.

🤑 IT’S FREE and I offer it every quarter. Register here.

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