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Passion Flower

Meeting your very first Passion Flower while talking about your passions has got to be a wink from the Universe ✨🌸✨

I love this recap of a client session:

She softened the voice of her inner critic, allowed herself to celebrate joy, and tuned into how she WANTS to feel. 💃🏻

Money can carry all kinds of emotional baggage. We can feel shameful for wanting it, guilty for having it, and stupid for not knowing the “right” things to do with it (pandemic or not). 🧼

But when we approach the topic of money with kindness towards ourselves, we can pivot toward empowering language like desire, gratitude, intention, and courage. 🦋

“Money” stops feeling like such a dirty word with just a little bit of reframing. It starts to make its way under our life’s wellness umbrella ☂ where we practice aligning our thoughts & actions with our personal values.

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