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✨Money is a mirror✨

Not in the toxic “your net worth is your self worth” type of way.

But stuff that surfaces in our relationship with money usually points to something happening at a deeper level within us.

Here’s what I mean:

🎁 Difficultly receiving gifts freely and relishing in someone else’s generosity without feeling an instant urge to “pay it back” might point to a formative relationship dynamic where money or gifts always had strings attached.

🙅🏽 Finding ways to spend or give away money as soon as you earn it could be a manifestation of a subconscious limiting belief that you don’t deserve to have that money in the first place.

💪🏼 Staying in a toxic relationship for financial reasons might highlight an opportunity to build confidence that you are absolutely capable being independent and taking care of yourself.

🍼 Constant fears of not having enough money (even when you do) might point to an unhealed wound from a time you really didn’t have all your needs met.

💵 Obsessing over money being the most important thing ever might highlight that you’ve never given yourself the space to reflect on what is truly important to you.

Stuff happening under the surface finds its way out. Money is just one area of life that the “deeper something” going on can show up.

If we choose to tune in and look into that mirror, our relationship with money can be a helpful guide back to ourselves.

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