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Is money flirting with you? 🌹

I talk a lot about money as a relationship, and here’s why: we have a choice in how we interact with money just like we have a choice in how we interact with our friends, partners, family members, and coworkers. We also have a choice in how we perceive money to be interacting with us.🔍

Imagine being in a relationship in which your partner kept telling you, “You aren't enough,” and really believed that. Even if you gave that partner the entire WORLD, showed up in all 5 of those damn love languages, and did your very best for them, their chosen perspective that you aren't enough would stop them from seeing the flowers you left, the trash you took out, and the sweet love note you wrote for them just because. Someday (hopefully) you will wake up and realize "Wow, I'm just not appreciated here. I'm out."

Well, money is the same way. We can overlook all of the things it’s doing for us when we are hyper-focused on how it’s not being enough. Let's note the places in our relationship with money that we've maybe been saying "you're just not enough" and instead seek out ways to express "wow, thanks for really showing up for me then." You'll notice all the ways—big and little— that money is actually on your team. (Think: Rent! Speeding ticket! Guacamole that’s $1 extra!).

Maybe money isn't the enemy. Maybe it's been trying to show you some love and support this whole time! 💰 ❤️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Money flirted with me this week when day planners were 50% off at Barnes & Noble 🗓AND when I expected to pay $10 for lunch yesterday but the tacos I ordered were on special and my whole meal was $4! 🌮 BLUSHING!

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