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At the end of yesterday’s Flourish call, we each shared a money gratitude, like having:

🙏 income during a pandemic

🙏 money to evacuate during hurricanes

🙏 the real possibility of owning a home soon

🎃 a pumpkin spice latte (...this was mine)

For a short moment, I was tempted to feel a little silly for thanking my money for the most basic b*tch thing it has ever bought for me, especially when others said thanks for the shelter, safety, and stability money provides for them.

BUT! I shook that sh*t off pretty quickly because the truth is: gratitude is gratitude. Money is doing really big & really little things for us ALL THE TIME.

When we notice both the big and the little, we start seeing how flexible the energy of money can be in our lives. It can be both serious and playful, predictable and spontaneous, feminine and masculine, a gift to give and a gift to receive. ✨So, here is a challenge: find something big and something little to thank your money for today.✨

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