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Your perspective matters ⛺️👀🏞

The Great Depression was a collective financial trauma that altered the psyche of people who lived through it & shaped beliefs about money that would influence generations to come.

🏦 Total mistrust of banks,

🐿 Hoarding, and

🧦 Extreme underspending (resistance to buying necessities even when you can afford them)

are all financial behaviors potentially rooted in the trauma experiences of our depression era ancestors. Do you see these in any of your older family members?

Those perspectives made sense for the time & place. Those behaviors were survival tools. But when the crisis was over, those who were able to process the trauma & release the crisis-mode responses to money were more prepared to adapt to the next financial reality with resilience, clarity, and expansiveness.

The perspectives we choose about money right now—during a financial crisis—are important for our own lives and the lives of future generations. Let’s choose those perspectives with intention.

If you want to feel out for yourself what a resilient, clear, and expansive relationship with money could look like for you during & beyond this moment in history, I hope you will consider joining the October Flourish Series.

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