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Wiggle Room

Found some unexpected wiggle room in your budget during quarantine? 🧞‍♂️ For folks who still have income but aren’t spending as much as usual, this lil dance is for you.

“Wiggle room” is the part of your financial landscape made up of discretionary expenses—things you enjoy, but don’t really need. 🎠 A friend told me this week that even with reduced income, he is saving money—something he didn’t think was possible. He didn’t realize how much he spent each month hosting social gatherings before those were outlawed. I’m sure he’ll celebrate the day he can host friends again, but in the meantime he’s gained a new appreciation for the wiggle room that has always been in his budget, even when he didn’t realize it. 🐛

When you notice wiggle room in your budget, it’s an opportunity to step back and set “BIG YES” intentions for your money (even ones you thought you couldn’t afford). So often, our BIG YESSES—like a down payment for the dream home 🏡, saving for the trip of a lifetime 🗺, or finally being done with those student loans👩🏾‍🔬—get put on the back burner because of our <little yes> expenses—like lunches out 🍔, unintentional shopping 🛍, or expensive bar tabs🍸. With so many of the usual <little yesses> unavailable to us during quarantine, what are the BIG YESSES you are going to ask your wiggle room to start working on for you and your future self? 🔮

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