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The things money did for me during funemployment

Off to training! ✈️ Today marks the last day of my 2.5 month “sabbatical” from being employed by anyone other than myself. During that time, I visited 8 cities, went on 2 retreats, bought 1 car, celebrated 3 holidays, and spent quality time with dozens of friends and family members. 🏕🗽⛰🏖 Things I am proud I did not do during that time: go into debt, deplete my savings account, take the first job offered to me, freak out about not having steady income. 💸 I fully enjoyed my time of funemployment after the campaign. I’m grateful for past Molly who resourcefully prioritized saving a percentage of income (even when making less than $25k/year) so that times of transition don’t have to be stressful. I am grateful for my relationship with money, that it continues to be a tool that allows me to live the life I want—not a barrier that stops me from it. I am grateful for all the beautiful people in my life who made the last couple of months so spectacular by hosting me during my travels, encouraging me during times of doubt, dreaming big dreams with me, and making me laugh a lot. Bye sabbatical. You were awesome. May we meet again some other time. 🛵

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