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The next best step

What do labyrinths & financial journeys have in common?

🏔 they can seem daunting at first

🧠 they can be mindfulness practices

🥾 they are best traveled one step at a time

We don’t have to have it all figured out to get started on our journeys. What’s the next best step you can take in your relationship with money? Is it...

💳 make a more-than-minimum credit card payment?

❌ cancel a monthly subscription you don’t really use?

🤑 put $10 toward savings this month?

🧾 review your bank statement to understand where your money went last month?

Let’s keep chipping away at our next steps! And let’s remember to look up every once in a while to celebrate how far we’ve already come (even when it feels like we are just going in circles). 😏

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