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Thank you, Stuff!

Have you ever thanked an item you bought years ago for still serving you today?


A Flourish Series participant had the loveliest revelation. Upon realizing her computer was about 7 years old, she noticed her mind’s first reaction was, “I guess it’s about time to buy a new one!” 💻 The idea of a new computer excited her initially. But when she took a moment to reflect on the subconscious narrative at play (“older things should always be replaced by newer things”), she made the conscious decision to challenge that narrative. 📝

She actively chose to change her story from “my computer is old, I should buy a new one” to “I am so grateful the computer I bought 7 years ago still works perfectly for me today!”💪🙏🙌

Her relationship with money used to be characterized by overspending followed by guilt, but as she continues to integrate mindfulness & gratitude into it, her relationship with money is evolving into something more balanced, intentional, & fulfilling. ⚖️🧘🏼‍♀️🤗

I took a moment today to thank a few items I bought in the past that still serve me perfectly well today.

Shoutout to my Cacho sandles, Levi jeans, Nalgene water bottle, iPhone S, my purse, and the money I used to buy them at some point. Which items can you thank today?🕵🏻‍♀️

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