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Remember the story of The Secret Garden?

Major themes included:

🥀 whatever is neglected withers,

🌹 whatever is cared for thrives,

🩹 secrets perpetuate pain, and

🔮 healing happens when secrets stop being secrets.

These themes resonate perfectly when applied to our “money stuff.”

If we ignore our financial reality, it will wither. If we forgive its past, nurture its present, and believe in its future, our relationship with money will thrive.

Going to the depths of the personal or societal taboo around money can be uncomfortable, but pretending it’s not there at all is far more painful.

But! On the other side of that discomfort is your truth, your healing, your growth, and a whole lot more of the juicy, expansive life you want to be living.

Jump into The Secret Garden of the money taboo in the October or November Flourish Series. The freedom you want in your relationship with money is waiting for you on the other side.

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