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Plant Babies & Abundance

Giving all my plant babies away is a practice of abundance. All of these plants grew from 1 clipping of my friend Valerie's pothos and 1 clipping of a succulent from my Grandma Olite’s backyard. They’ve been growing with me for 6+ years. When I think about giving these little guys away, I can feel myself lean towards lack, tensing up like I’m bidding farewell to the only plants in the world. It’s silly, but it’s my FEELINGS! 😩

When I challenge my scarcity thought patterns, I‘m reminded the world is full of plants. I consciously choose to trust that loads of luscious leafy lovelies are on their way into my life as I type this. I’ll meet them when I need to. 🌿🍃🌱🌵🌳🌲🌴

These plants will keep growing with new humans, and I can travel a little lighter for now.

In the lack vs. abundance struggle, abundance will get the last laugh, anyway—I’m keeping 1 clipping of each 😏

Tahoe has plants, right?

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