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New word alert!🚨

”Tima.” It’s Icelandic for “not being ready to spend time or money on a specific thing, despite being able to afford it.”

It is natural to question whether or not our hesitation to spend money on something we:

🧞 desire,

📋 have planned for, and

🧠 logically know we can afford

is a sign of scarcity mentality—a mindset rooted in the belief that there is not & never will be *enough* for our needs & desires to be met. This belief system can sometimes show up in our lives as urges to hoard money (beyond reasonable savings) while we:

🚳 actively deny ourselves anything other than the bare necessities, or

🥑 feel guilty when we spend on something non-essential that is safely within our financial means.

“Tima” describes a gentler perspective—one that we don’t have language for in English. It holds these two truths together at the same time:

🛠 Money is a tool readily available to me that I can use to fulfill this desire, and

🕰 I’m not ready to spend that money yet.

It removes the drama of “is my mindset wrong?” And shifts the focus onto our intuition’s gnostic sense of timing. We can desire, plan for, and fully trust that we can afford something while not ignoring to our gut says, “the perfect timing is still on its way.”

Next time you are feeling resistance to let go of money in order to let something new into your life, ask yourself “Is this scarcity? Or is this Tima?”

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