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Money-mindset-moving magic

Do you want: 👨‍👩‍👧 a different relationship with money than your parents had? 🏋🏽‍♂️to feel in control of your money instead of feeling controlled by it? 🧮 to stop swinging between the extremes of feeling rich and feeling poor every paycheck cycle? 🏹to be proud of the money you make and intentional in the way you spend it? 📓to be done with the shame, guilt, and notion that you are “bad with money”?

Some kind of money-mindset-moving magic happens when we hear ourselves and five other people talk about money—a topic that for so many of us (regardless of income level) can feel like a heavy secret. I want more of that juicy magic in the world, so I’m hosting another Flourish Series in February! Dive deep in an encouraging group environment to understand the psychology of your financial past, dream big about your financial future, and connect the dots between where your money behaviors and mental habits are to where you want them to be. Do it for you. You are worth a big, beautiful life that isn’t restricted by icky, exhausting feelings about money.

6 people 5 weekly conference calls $315

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