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Do you have a Mean Girls friendship with your money?

Like, do you say mean things about it when its not around, but still want to be invited to its birthday party?

We experience psychological distress when we simultaneously hold two contradictory beliefs. If on one hand 🖐🏽 we believe that money & the people who have it are bad while on the other hand 🤚🏽we believe things would be better for us if we had more money, we might be stressing out our psyches.

Not to mention sort of participating in toxic friendship with money (“Do you want me around? Do you not want me around? What’s a burn book?”) And confusing the Universe that is actively trying to fulfill our desires (“Okay… so you want more money, or no?”)

Good news! Just like Lindsay Lohan’s character Cady ultimately learned how to navigate high school friendships in harmony, we too can find balance, honesty, and ease in our relationships with money. It starts with gently noticing our money thoughts/feelings/desires and giving ourselves the space to be curious when they seem to conflict.

Shout out to my friend Ashley for the homemade scrunchy really taking me back to 1997.

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