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Changing the name, changing the game! 💥

Splendor Financial Wellness is the name my business has been waiting for. It’s resilient, clear, and expansive. It relishes in the possibilities, adds sparkle to the void, and dances through life feeling regal as hell, because why not? 🤸🏻‍♀️

It was pure joy and wonder to witness Splendor Financial Wellness be ushered into existence by the qualities of me that feel most “me”—my resourcefulness, my intuition, and my confidence—and by the brand discovery process of the marvelously audacious @aileensnotebook (thank you forever).

No hard feelings to Budget Bee Financial Wellness—it’s the name that took the leap into business ownership with me, and for that I am ever grateful. But “budget” restricts when I want to help people expand. And “bee” stings when I want to help people feel better than they’ve ever felt.

but I’ve got some taboo-busting, fear-smashing, limit-crushing, dream-making, money-moving STUFF coming down the pipe for all of you soon. Just. You. Wait. A little bit longer. ⏳

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