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All the Flourish Series Feelings

Ending the silence surrounding a taboo topic is like pulling light right out of the darkness.💡

The final session of the very first Flourish Series concluded tonight. I gotta say: some strange kind of magic happens when 6 brave people gather once a week for 5 weeks to talk about the forbidden topic of money and all of the heavy baggage and big dreamy dreams that go along with it. 🔮

Y’all, it got JUICY. We talked about guilt, desire, shame, intention, alignment, intuition, trust, scarcity, abundance, gratitude, value, masculinity, femininity, giving, and receiving. We talked about our very first memories of money and how those experiences have influenced our behaviors. We bathed in tubs of diamonds just because it was Tuesday and we felt like it. 🛁 We tapped into the current of currency. 🔋We articulated what financial wellness looks like to us and what a healthy relationship with money feels like to us. And my goodness—we FLOURISHED!

It’s odd but absolutely true for me to say that designing the Flourish Series was a creative process for me. I’ve never thought of myself as an artistic person, but I understand what creating something out of nothing but a spark of inspiration feels like now. The series evolved with input and insight from each and every participant and my heart couldn’t be more full! I’m so happy to have gotten to dive deep and expand with the 6 incredible people who journeyed through the series with me and I cannot wait to meet the people I will journey with during the many forms the Flourish Series will take in the future.

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