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A word on wellness & emergency funds.

Grateful for the safety of everyone involved 🙏🏼 and for my #resiliencyfund ⚠️🚙 The phrase “emergency fund” is not glamorous. Saving money for something we WANT can be hard enough; how much harder is it to save for something we explicitly DO NOT want—namely, an emergency? That’s why I call mine a resiliency fund.

#financialresilience is a powerful thing. It can contribute a great deal of goodness to your overall well-being. When you’ve stowed away funds for unexpected events, money becomes one less problem to stress about in a crisis situation. And the comfort of knowing it’s there if/when you need it can give you the peace of mind to thrive during all of life’s inevitable ups and downs💪🏽🧘🏾‍♂️💆🏼‍♀️

My resiliency fund gave me enough financial wiggle room to stay calm about money when my car got totaled this week. It allowed me the emotional margin I needed to not harbor poisonous financial resentments toward the driver who rear-ended my little blue car. It also gave me the flexibility to not have to choose between getting a new car or fully enjoying my extended vacation. I’m so grateful for Past Molly who squirreled away funds for times like these, and I’m excited to see what car Future Molly will be driving soon. It all feels balanced.

What will you name your fund?

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