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This might surprise you, but personal finance is not about what you KNOW. It’s about what you DO. 💪 > 🧠

✨What will you DO today to get closer to your money goals?✨

Here’s what I mean when I say a healthy relationship with money is more behavioral than intellectual:

🌱 Knowing about emergency funds does not mean you are saving for one.

🌱 Understanding loan interest rates does not mean you are paying off your loan debt.

🌱 Knowing the difference between an IRA and a 401(k) does not mean you are actively contributing to a retirement account.

If money matters were only about what we KNOW, we would probably all

👛 spend less than we make,

🧳 pay off our debts quickly,

👜 save for emergencies, and

🏦 invest for our futures.

So, do not be paralyzed by what you do not know about money yet. Start taking the basic actions where they count right now and feel proud our yourself each step of the way!

YOU 👏🏼 CAN 👏🏾 DO IT 👏🏿

🙏 And your future self will thank you immensely.

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